Senior Commercialization Lead

We are currently seeking a Senior Commercialization Lead to drive rapid commercialization of our voice-to data solution for the agricultural industry. The person in this role will be responsible for further developing  and executing our product roadmap from a revenue generation standpoint while working closely with our  product team to further enhance our proven technology. We are seeking an experienced leader to help drive  our company through its next phase of growth. As a voice-to-data pioneer in the agriculture industry, this role  will be instrumental in accelerating our commercial footprint and will establish our platform as the standard  for voice-to-data in agriculture for commercial, government, and research organizations. 

The successful candidate will have extensive professional experience in commercial strategy, technology  sales, channel development, and recurring revenue streams, as well as experience in the agriculture industry. This role will be holistically responsible for the further development and refinement of current and  future approaches to prospect identification, prospect prioritization, deal qualification, deal management,  closing the sales/contracting process, and growth metrics. Over time the person in this role will be able to  build the sales and commercial team and establish the processes, programs, and technologies to support  end-to-end sales and sales engagement for AgVoice. These efforts will be conducted with the purpose of  delivering maximum value to our clients and prospective clients and maximum sustainable revenue for our  organization. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Serve as an active member of the AgVoice executive leadership team, providing input and thought  leadership while helping to lead and drive organizational initiatives. 

  • Provide leadership and demonstrate exceptional interpersonal and business acumen skills.

  • Lead the overall product commercialization process in a high growth environment.

  • Further define and execute the AgVoice product roadmap that meets clients’ needs and generates  sustainable revenue for the organization. 

  • Responsible for overall product financial performance, including pricing/revenue strategies and  models. 

  • Analyze and improve on AgVoice’s go-to-market value proposition.

  • Develop and maintain key partnerships, alliances and opportunities that extend AgVoice’s value  proposition and support the revenue growth of AgVoice. 

  • Lead market and competitive research while identifying and exploring new markets. ▪ Establish key metrics for success and provide leadership to achieve or surpass business KPIs for  revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. 

  • Build market segmentation strategies through analysis and collaboration with leadership team. ▪ Provide input into features and functionality of the product.

  • Operate as a student of the industry to collect information that will be applied to the company’s  decision making. 

Approach to Work
  • You are a proven leader. You have a background in the agricultural technology sector and experience  with commercialization in a high growth environment. 

  • You make data-informed decisions to support organizational goals to provide a product that meets  clients' needs and generates sustainable revenue for the organization. 

  • You are a great communicator, capable of interacting confidently with industry professionals to obtain  relevant information, prospects to express the value proposition, your team to offer guidance and  instruction, and fellow executive leaders to deliver information as required. 

  • You set clear and challenging goals and are tenacious and accountable, focused on productivity, and  are deeply committed to quality and integrity. 

  • You quickly transition between strategic and tactical thinking. 

  • You 'connect the dots' between and keep pace with technology developments, business/financial  forecasts, the competitive landscape, evolving customer needs, and initiative goals/deadlines.  ▪ You are comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty and possess the ability to adapt nimbly and lead  others through complex situations. 

  • You create a culture of shared values in which people work together cooperatively toward common  and mutually recognized objectives.  

  • Bachelor's degree. An MBA or advanced degree preferred. 

  • Experience in the agriculture and technology sectors, with an emphasis on technology product sales,  channel development, and startup/scaleup development.

  • Significant leadership experience, driving improvement and maturity of processes required to scale  commercialization.

  • Strong business and financial acumen with the ability to analyze information and think strategically. ▪ Ability to communicate effectively and manage well.

  • Strong problem solving and creative skills with the ability to exercise sound judgment and make  decisions based on accurate and timely analyses.

  • High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results-orientation.

  • Adept at transitioning seamlessly from a strategic level vision to day-to-day tactical operations.

  • Proven ability to build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders while  maintaining clear lines of communication based on a high degree of trust and credibility.

  • Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics required.

  • A demonstrated execution mindset and a record of success holding people accountable.   

Work Location

This position may be from our KC, MO office or work remote.  

AgVoice Global is the leader in innovating data capture for the agriculture industry. AgVoice  harnesses the power of voice-to-data technology to provide advanced, integrated data solutions that  allow professionals in the crop and animal agriculture sectors to achieve better efficiency, accuracy,  and decision making. As an ag-tech scale-up, we are positioned for extraordinary growth as we  expand into additional markets. 

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